Pokemon Go

Did Pokemon simply solve the disparity between having less action associated with the adventurous manners of the old with digital devices in new generations? We believe it might have.

There’s no denying Pokemon. But what’s most shocking is the behavior in our communities. You see kids, teens, as well as grownups pursuing fictional Pokemon through the roads with their phones. There’s clusters of Pokemon Go players huddled together in every corner of every major city. Complete strangers are rallying together to fight with each other with fantastic monsters to defend markers that are imagined on real locations. Some see this as a pain while others believe it may be helping the community is joined by socially challenged individuals. Whole towns that used to lack their booming commonplace are filled with exciting groups of youth playing Pokemon Go.

Higher presence numbers are being seen by churches due to the places of the battlegrounds within the game. And although there has been accounts of players going into places where they do not belong, most players have traveled to common areas and community parks giving us a nostalgic feeling of the good old days when people actually talked to each other over coffee.

Pokemon is quickly becoming the reason we visit a city, hang out with friends, or simply go on a walk. A large number of buff established communities to pop up on the internet. Many Facebook groups & events have sprouted up with thousands of attendees & members.

In thinking that this could be a great thing for us as crazy as it seems to want a program to get folks to go out and socialize with a world, we can’t help but see the positive.

The world continues to be under an unprecedented number of stress and hateful division of our communities continues to be a climbing issue. Who knows, perhaps Pokemon Go is the response bring people together and we are trying to find to conquer these recent challenges? It may not, but it doesn’t hurt to hope!